About us



“CapitalEnergyProject” holding company differs by its multifunctionality and wide range of services in the field of mining, investment, project design, construction, equipment and machinery supply as well as service.

The Goal is creating a highly profitable multi-level international corporation, with the highest level of influence in business and politics in 5-year period.




In our structure, we have:
  • - Design institutes in Moscow and Kemerovo;
  • - Accredited electrolaboratory;
  • - Production and technical facilities in Russia and China;
  • - Trade and exhibition complex with a warehouse, service center and sales office;
  • - Finished goods warehouse in Moscow and Novokuznetsk;
  • - Sales Offices and technical support in Russian regions;
  • - Investments Offices in Moscow and Beijing;
  • - Representatives in Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Simferopol, Beijing, Qingdao, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Barnaul and Irkutsk.




  • - We implement the newest technology and science development in our projects;
  • - We have all the conditions in order to meet the challenges assigned by the clients 24/7;
  • - We are able to pack and develop business in any area;
  • - We have a unique team of professionals who are true experts in their fields;
  • - We have ISO and SRO certificates;
  • - We pay special attention to ecology and environmental protection;
  • - We set ourselves ambitious goals and stick to non-standard approach to business.



- 1. We are committed to the development of spiritual identity of eachemployee. The result of this development we see in the material success of our people, and therefore the company as a whole;

- 2. We develop our company based on the ability of each employee, our main asset is personality! We carefully choose each person for our team;

- 3. We adhere the hierarchy within the company and outside of it;

- 4. We believe in God or your Higher "I". We are committed to universal values and structure of society. We build Orthodox churches, but we are not blind advocates of morality;

- 5. We do not tolerate ignorance and greed, we call for honesty and transparency in all respects. We respect the law and consider it the main condition for evolution. We care about the safety;

- 6. We have political ambitions. We believe in the uniqueness of the Russian people and its ability. We will influence policy with regard to the development of our people and their living conditions;

- 7. We treat others as we want them to treat us. This is the main condition of our company;

- 8. We create a great company, based on equity, energy and intellect!